Wenn Frauen Männer wären...

In einer Umfrage wurden Frauen gefragt, was sie tun würden, wenn sie eines Morgens aufwachten und für einen Tag lang einen Penis hätten. Hier einige Antworten aus dieser Umfrage:

Und mal einen in english:

A buisness man got in an elevator in a biulding. When he entered the elevator, there was a blonde already inside and she greeted him by saying, "T-G-I-F" (letters only).

He smiled at her and replied, "S-H-I-T" (letters only).
She lokked at him, puzzled, and said, "T-G-I-F" again.
He acknowledged her remark again by answering, "S-H-I-T".
The blond was trying to be friendly, so she smiled her biggest smile and said as sweetly as possible "T-G-I-F" another time.
The man smiled back to her and once again replied with a quizzical
expression, "S-H-I-T".

The blond finally decided to explain things, and this time she said, "T-G-
I-F, Thank God It's Friday ......... get it?"
The man answered, "Sorry, Honey, It's Thursday."

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